Our Legacy

    Past Presidents

    Term in Office Name
    2016-2019 Sonya Graves, ACP
    2013-2016 Julie Craft, ACP
    2010-2013 Cathy Davis, ACP
    2008-2010 Jeanie Johnson, ACP
    2005-2008 Ann Riley, CP
    2002-2005 Jane McKinnon, CP
    2001-2002 Michael Ivey, CLA
    2000-2001 Wanda Loftin, ACP
    1998-2000 Ann Heyer, CLAS
    1996-1998 Cheryl Ward, CLA
    1994-1996 Linda Reid, CLA : Linda's Words of Wisdom: After working 40 years as a corporate/tax paralegal at Sirote & Permutt, P.C., I enjoy retirement and learning new things. A few are driving our farm tractor, gardening, spinning wool into yarn on my spinning wheel, playing the
    1992-1994 Mimi Rosario, CLA
    1991-1992 Pat Comer
    1989-1991 Lynn Reynolds
    1988-1989 Pam Gray, CLA
    1987-1988 Marty Rhegness, CLA
    1984-1987 Marjorie Dabbs
    1983-1984 Ellen H. Batt (Deceased)
    1982-1983 Janis Davidson (Deceased)