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    As an active member of AAPi, you are entitled to certain benefits that are not available to non-members. Below you will find a description of some membership benefits such as job opportunities, AAPi's Membership Directory, current and past issues of NOVUS (AAPi's Quarterly newsletter), and others which we hope will be helpful for you.

    In order to access your benefits, you will need to first log in with your member email or ID and your password and then follow the links.


    MEMBERSHIIP RENEWAL:  In order to renew your membership with AAPi, please select the Member Information link in the sidebar. Once you log in, you will be able to submit the required information for renewal.


    • Current job opportunities that have been submited to AAPi for publication to our members. This is a Member Only benefit for AAPi members.

    • AAPi's Membership Directory - you can find names and contact information for all AAPi members who have chosen to allow their information to be published in the Membership Directory.

    • AAPi's Bylaws, Standing Rules, and other forms and notices.

    • Add a Prospect - if you know someone who may be interested in joining AAPi and you wish them to be contacted about joining, submit their name and contact information using the link.

    • Order History - this link will provide a list of all payments made by you or on your behalf for dues, conventions, luncheon meetings, items from our catalog (t-shirts, etc.) and any other type payments

    • Newsletter - this link will provide access to the NOVUS, AAPi's quaterly newsletter. Archived editions of the Association's newsletters date back to 1998. The archives are not complete at this time but we are working on uploading older editions. If you have copies of any ALA or AAPi newsletters that you don't see using this link, send them to us and we will get them scanned and uploaded. This is an excellent way to delve into AAPi's history and see how far we have come.