President's Page

    I’m humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Alabama Association of Paralegals, Inc. (AAPI).  I am deeply grateful to my predecessors for their leadership and outstanding contributions during their presidency along with the members of the Board of Directors.  I am very inspired by their commitment to AAPI and their great achievements that they have obtained in the past.

    AAPI has just celebrated its 37th year as an organization and has a long list of achievements when it comes to the empowerment, support and education of the paralegal profession.   Our mission is clear in that it seeks to promote the advancement of paralegals in the legal profession.   AAPI seeks to provide support, education and a welcoming environment to its members in furtherance of this mission.

    In this endeavor, I am joined by my Board of Directors, committee members and general membership who are comprised of talented and hardworking individuals who dedicate tremendous amounts of time to AAPI.  I hope that new and old members will share their talents and time with us, and if you know someone that would be an asset to AAPI, please bring them to an event.

    Impact. It’s a powerful word. And when it’s you trying to make an impact, some key issues need to be addressed.  Where do I devote my energy?  Will I have enough time? What will be expected of me? Will I make a difference? I look forward to serving as your president and carrying on AAPI’s great legacy, but I can’t do it alone.  Whether you work as a paralegal at a plaintiff firm, defense firm, corporate or another area in the legal profession, AAPI presents opportunities for you to make an impact.   You just need to make that all-important decision to say YES and get involved.   

    Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me or any of our Board of Directors with questions, concerns or suggestions on how you can get involved.  An organization’s strength is based largely on the dedication of its members.   Please join me and others who are committed to making this a great association.