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    Class Selection & Deadlines


    Video sessions are available at $15.00 per class or $70.00 for all five classes.


    Session 1: Guardianship & the Volunteer Guardian Program
    Darla Dean, Volunteer Guardian Program
    Session 2: Maritime Procedure
    Jeff Reinert, United States District, Southern District of Alabama
    Session 3: Adoption
    Stephanie Hunter, Esq., Hunter Law Firm, PC
    Session 4: Due Diligence
    Beverly Odom, CT Corporation
    Session 5: Probate Litigation
    Jean Powers, Esq.
    ALL 5 SESSIONS $70.00


    Two options for payment:

    • Mail your payment to AAPi, Attn: 2020 Paralegal Convention, P. O. Box 1834, Birmingham, AL 35203

    • Pay online by clicking on the Catalog Quick Link in the box to the left of this information, and selecting the classes you wish to purchase. This option will be available from July 22, 2020 until September 20, 2020. (Please note additional fee applies to credit card payments.)

    • Email registration form and payment receipt to [email protected]

    • Click here to access the Virtual Session Brochure with Registration form.


    REMINDER: Video sessions are only available until September 20, 2020


    T-shirt Order info (2020 Convention)

    It wouldn't be AAPi without a T-shirt! To order your Paralegals & Pandemic T-shirt, click on the link below.




    Keep checking back to this page for new information on scheduling future CP Review classes. If you are interested in attending a CP Review class, contact Kelly Crowe at [email protected].

    Information for paralegal certification through NALA can be found at It includes a description of the structure for the exam, access to applications, study material, testing locations, and much more.

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