If you missed the 2018 AAPi Summer Conference then you missed a great experience. The class topics varied from a mock criminal trial to preparation of contracts. Whether you are already set in the field in which you want to work or if you are looking for something different, you will find a place in an AAPi seminar where learning, networking, and yes, even Flamingling, is encouraged.

    2018 Annual Meeting and Summer Conference

    • Jeanie Johnson, ACP and Adrienne Berry, CP welcoming attendees to the 2018 Summer Conference.

    • Adrienne Berry, CP and Jill Francisco, ACP

    • Brenda Cochran, CP and Kim Watson

    • Laura Belsome and Carol Wood, CP

    • You know you are in good company when any (or all) of these people are around. A good time was had by all including, one of our younger, aspiring paralegals.